Economic geography 011 175x195x25cm, epoxy resin on grenn onyx
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Lastre di Onice verde prima della lavorazione

Economic geography


The two new engraved onyx plates of Eugenio Tibaldi interpret brightly the realism, with an extreme elegance, translating an ancient and new “italian” quality. On the first we recognize the satellite vision of of the most polluted area of the Campania, the sites of the dumps and the possible routes followed by the trucks and the vans to hide the illegal waste. On the second, the famous villa confiscated to the criminality and subsequently burned, described by Roberto Saviano in  Gomorra (2006). 

Not much remained of the spaces and of the splendor: the villa is portrayted like a ruin, and like a romantic ruin it is absorbed by the surrounding vegetation. Swallowe by the landscape, it becomes landscape. And in the calm and at the same time post-apocalyptic quality of this vision carved in marble (pervaded by the “mournful serenity” that coincides, for Ungaretti, with the true greatness of Italian art) we can get an uncommon glimpse of the future. Of the time to come. 

By Christian Caliandro

extract by "Amalassunta Collaudi"



The installation consists of a pavement that occupies the whole space, so that viewers are obliged to walk on it, observing

the topographic map from the privileged position of the satellite. The artist’s intervention has consisted in erasing with

painting the old society based on a rural economy in order to highlight the buildings that have been erected as part of the

suburb’s development.

Anna Colin and Elena Sorokina

Extract by “Laws of relativity” Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo