curated by Giuseppe Stampone


Cooperativa sociale Società Dolce has the pleasure to present the opening of the INCLUSIO project exhibit by Eugenio Tibaldi, within the exhibition ArtCity, Bologna 2018, on Friday the 2nd of February, curated by Giuseppe Stampone.

The initiative follows the artist’s work “Saldi d’artista – La cooperazione attraverso l’arte”, on display at ArtCity Bologna 2017, where the Abecedario “Global education/Made in Cooperation” was presented.

The project was developed by an idea of Antonio Di Marcantonio, who created the identity brand of Società Dolce, in collaboration with the Cooperative Marketing office, and it is in line with the concept of using contemporary art as a media, to translate the reality of cooperation in a unique and cross-sectional way.

In 2017, many people –the president of Italian Cooperatives, Pietro Gaglianò, Marinella Senatore and others – had a round table discussion about cooperative values, in order to put into words the layout realized by Stampone with the contribution of international artists, including Marinella Senatore, Jota Castro, Obra Architets and Tibaldi himself.

The idea of appointing a different artist each year to develop an art project came from the interaction between Società Dolce and Giuseppe Stampone. The artists were chosen based on the key features and values characterizing their research, within a network acquiring more and more issues and thoughts.

The artistic process of Eugenio Tibaldi focuses on the aesthetic representation of the border, both at the geographic and personal level.
In this perspective, INCLUSIO is consistent with the artist’s sensitivity for suburban areas. In the working experience with Società Dolce the borders are the vulnerable people, the distance from the centre. In this work, the human “territory” is the subjectof such marginal realities, by attributing an identity to the people involved, the relations, the changes happening all the time, and that become more valuable through the inclusion of diversity, thus producing new aesthetic representations. 

Therefore, the key places of cooperation can be found in the works, also contaminated by private places and the personal dynamics of the people living them, in an inclusive aesthetic and far from the comunication cliché. Their meaning is to describe pathways by telling successes and giving value and importance also to weakness. A storytelling that envisions any possible scenario, even failure.

The works are lit up by lamps donated to the artist by members of Società Dolce involved in the project.

Each member who took part in INCLUSIO is contaminated by the other, they all take in ideas, thoughts, stories, manners and feelings coming from others. As a result, everybody’s essential features change after meeting the other. How can the origin of a such transformation, so similar to art in its becoming creative and beautiful, be represented? Tibaldi has done it, by putting together different details, resulting in the union between oneself and other people’s parts.

“Culture, even the artistic one, can influence and modify socio-economic systems” says Tibaldi, since cooperation, in its economic aspect, is far from the market fundamentals imposed by the centre and is based on mutual aid, on the creation of networks, on exchange. This is the identity, even aesthetical, that Tibaldi has represented with his work.

On display are the thirteen works realized for the new Contagiorni 2018, the calendar of Società Dolce. The exhibit takes into consideration an unexpected space, symbolizing conciliation and reflection, a space for confrontation and the creation of procedures: a worktable. Or, to better say, a collage of different worktables, since Società Dolce operates in many different sectors.

It's an inclusive table, that will become a site specific work placed in a conference room at Società Dolce, to remind that in such horizontal space changes happen, balances become dynamic and every part of the game is incentive and reflection for the other.

Giuseppe D’Anna, philosophy historian and a careful obser of social and aesthetic dynamics and Simone Ciglia, researcher and art historian, working on the social consequences of artistic thought will intervene to complete and go into depth into the issues. Simone Ciglia will talk about the cooperative world from the inside.