Una bandiera per Latronico

Una Bandiera per Latronico


The idea for the Latronico Project comes from informations that I was able to gather on internet on this particular lucanian city. The massive emigration phenomena which has affected the entire region, Latronico in particular, has created a relationship of love and hate towards the territory.

A clear feeling that is manifested in an apparent "estrangement" from the local citizens of Latronico, a sort of disillusioned perception with the current local events, which is in contrast with the strong roots of local events and activities undertaken by cultural groups present within the same local society and territory.

Therefore, I’ve been inspired, with the help of anyone interested (as long as he or she is an original inhabitant of Latronico) to design and create a flag of Latronico.

A flag, a symbol that can be carried along  in case of migration which will represents also the cultural and physical reconquest of Latronico.